Monday, December 8, 2014

19 - Welcome to Argentina! (Pt 5)

“I’m tired!” Casey groaned as they made their way to the cafe across the gallery. They had spent all the morning in the gallery and were now carrying their spent eyes; who, just a while ago, had seen wonders that had made them shine, some that made them cringe, and others that were just disrespectful for being there. So to put the matter to rest, the morning had been well spent, or so thought the three females.
     “Oni-chan?” Allen coughed, trying to, politely for the fifth time, get her sister’s attention. “Sumem-”
    “OMG! I loved that display! And the colors!”
    Rolling her eyes. That’s it, Allen had enough. She roughly, slightly so, taped Torori-Oni on her shoulders.
    To no effect!
    “ guys go ahead,” Allen interrupted, loudly, the heated discussion between the other two. The noded absently and Allen grumbled about not even having to bother. She exited the cafe and exhaled in the exotic air of this foreign city that had become her refuge. She briefly considered running; actually, more then briefly. While Torori One-chan might be pretending nothing was wrong, Allen had a feeling of being caved in. There had been constant times during the day where Allen had relaxed, calmed down....but then she’d cringed back to reality.
    Allen shook herself, no way; she didn’t need to lose her head at a time like this. In fact she had a plan in place already. Hopefully, fool proof.

  1. Go to the airport with Torori One-Chan and pretend everything is alright. When, obviously, it wasn’t.
  2. Excuse herself to the restroom.
  3. Rendezvous with Ethan. Who would have her ticket to Australia.
  4. Board her plane.
  5. Hope for the best.

10 minutes later
“So, how’d it go?” Ethan asked as a way of greeting.
Ellen shook her head, and scooted on the bench to make room for the bulky man. “Perfect. They clicked like two lost best friends and have planed to visit each other. Warning: Don’t bother making plans for christmas.”
    Ethan whistled, “That well?”
    Allen patted him on his shoulder, “That’s just the beginning, dude.”
    Ethan smirked and they sat there in the back of the cafe, completely in peace. Or someone would think,  Allen thought.
    “If Casey likes her that much,” Ethan began tentatively, ‘I’m sure she’s not as bad as....”
    “Bad as I said?” Allen finished for him. “No, she’s not that bad.”
    After a couple tense seconds, Allen admitted, “She’s a good sister.”  
    “Maybe, if you talk to her, she’ll listen?”
    Allen smiled, “You’re saying that because you don’t know her. The only one who can change Torori Oni-chans’ mind is Dad and Katana Oni-Chan.”
    Allen grinned, “Anyone of us, for that matter.”
   “I don’t suppose your Dad plans to make a spiritual visit from haven anytime soon, does he?”
     Allen shook her head.
    Ethan looked at Allen and scratched his chin. “Is that why?”
    “Why what?”
    “You think meeting her will make you change your decision. Why you don’t want to face them. Face her.”
    “No,” she bit off. “No, that’s not why.”
    Ethan shrugged.
    “I’m serious! That’s not why! You know everything and still-”
    Ethan reached out to her shoulder, and squeezed it briefly. “Alright, alright. I’m sorry.
    “Let’s just forget about it.”
    Allen nodded, reaching her hand to clutch near her heart. It had started aching somewhere a while ago.
    Noticing her hands, Ethan frowned. “Do you have your medication with you?”
    Allen nodded. “Back at the hotel.”
    Ethan cursed, “Allen, it’s supposed to be with you at all times!”
    Allen nodded. “Right, sorry. I just didn’t feel like carrying a purse around today.”
    Ethan cursed again, but let the issue drop with a faint grumble. “That doesn't make it right though.”
    “I’m not sure anything in my life is right, right now.”
    “It’ll get better,....”
    Allen tilted her head at him, “What? Spit it out, I know you want to say something.”
    “Life only gets better by moving forward, Allen.”
    “And you don’t think I’m moving forward?”
    Ethan shrugged, “I have no idea what you’re doing. You say you plan to go back to your Aunts’s but when? You want to go to Australia, but you haven’t made a return ticket. School starts next week, and as far as I know you still haven’t registered for the new semester. You want to make things better with your sister, but all your doing is avoiding them. You want to forget the past, but how can you do that when you won’t face the future?”
    Allen just shook her head. After everything he knew, even Ethan didn’t understand her. “You think I should face my sisters? Right, like that’s going to go over well. Go: Hello Oni-chan! Guess what? I’m a big freaking traitor and probably the reason for why you're being prosecuted in court. Oh, and what a lovely view!”
(     “That’s not-” She’s being blackmailed! )
    “They won’t react like that.”
    Allen laughed, a strangled painful choke sprutting out, “How can you say that? With such determination? I hadn’t realized you could see the future.”
    Ethan sighed, “Stop being sarcastic. And you know I’m right.”
    No, no she didn’t. “Not really, Wanna share your secret for seeing the future?”
    “Just...think about it, Ok? Please?”

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