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15 - Welcome to Argentina, Buenos Aires (Pt. 1)

    Allen quickly slid her cell phone between her right ear and shoulder. “Yea, I’m here,” She reported while shuffling through her bags for her room registration papers.
    “Sorry,” Looking up she smiled apologetically at the receptionist and held up a finger for a moment of patience. “Yea. Yea, sure. I’ll let you know when I do.
    “Auh-hugh. Let me know when you get out. I’ll probably be still asleep by then though.”
    “Yea, see ya in a few.”
   Pocketing her phone and with a vicious determination she returned to searching her bag pack. “Sorry. I’m so sorry. This’ll take just a few minutes”
    Meanwhile, the receptionist nodded smiling a bit tightly, and tried to look like she wasn’t planning to kill her. Allen wouldn't blame her even if she was. It was around three Am. in the morning and God knew how long the lady had been standing up with those kill-la-kill heeled shoes.
    Suddenly Allen’s world blanked and a red hot fuse rushed through her. Blindly she reached for the check-in desk and held on for dear life.
    “Ma'am, are you ok?” The receptionist asked, concerned.
    She waited until the pain subsided and her vision returned. She absently nodded at the receptionist and handed over a few papers.“ Sorry, here you go.”
    “Are you ok?” The women asked again.
    “Yea, sorry. Jet-Lag must be catching on.”
    The women didn't pursue but kept an eye on her just in case she decided to swoon over, or down possibly, on her. “Well, everything seems to be fine,” she finally muttered as she scanned the paper. “Your ID, please?”
    Allen handed her ID over.
    “Umm, Sorry ma’am, but I’m going to need to ask you a couple questions. We have a policy about under age guests.”  
    Allen nodded. She knew about the policy, and thankfully she’d prepared a backup.
    “It says here that the suit was reserved by Maria Morigawa? And your...”
    “Allen Monotame. Maria is my older sister’s secretary, Katane Monotame. My sister is my legal guardian.”
    ‘Um-hum,” the receptionist gave the paper another look before handing it back to Allen. “One moment please.”
    She opened a drawer on the other side and pulled out a few papers on a clip-board and a pen. She handed both to Allen.. “Please fill this in for me. It’s a waiver that says we are not responsible for you should any incident happen while you are our guest. In such a case we, or the proper authorities, will contact your legal guardian.”  
    Allen nodded and quickly filled in random information and tried not to think about getting arrested. She handed the filled out form back to the receptionist.
     Taking the papers, she scanned the answers and then moved to her computer.“Ok, your in room 246. 4th floor. Have a nice stay.”
    “Thank you,” Allen mumbled, taking the mechanical key.
    “Would you like someone to help with the bags?”
    “Ah...” She had one wheeling bags plus her hand bag. “No, thank you.”
    “Can I help you with anything else?”
    Allen shook her head as she picked up her troller. “No, that’s all.”  
    “Well, have a nice stay. And welcome to Buenos Aires.”

 On entering her room, Allen neglectfully disregarded her luggage where she was standing and aimed for the big comfy looking bed. Landing on her back, she let out one of the biggest sigh of exhaustion in her life. It was more like a long grunting sound with wind coming out, but sigh came pretty close. In the past three or four days she’d been in constant flights from hiter-to-hiter and then back around. Half the time she was either seated in a crowded coach or being stranded between flights. Which consisted of mostly eating junk food, walking around, and sleeping on some very uncomfortable seats. It had been worse than her travel to Japan. But.....the flights had been cheap and she’d managed to save a good part of her savings. If her sisters decided to disown her and all.
   Planning on sleeping for the next couple of days she lazily kicked her shoes off, rolled over and pulled the sheets up.


   “Ah, this feel so GOOD!” Allen stretched her hands up into the air to their maximum. She had just woken up and she felt fantastic. She didn’t know how long she’d been asleep but since the hotel personnel hadn’t sent someone up to check if she wasn’t dead she assumed it hadn’t been nearly that long.
    Her belly growled.
    Instinctively, she petted it as hunger gnawed at her from the inside. “Calm down, I’ll take care of you in a while.” Still laying down, she turned and twisted to reach her phone in her back pocket. It wasn’t there. She searched her bed and found it near the edge of the bed. “Oh, good.”
    Turning it on, she looked at the time. 8:pm. She had been asleep for 15 hours. Wow.  
    “Hmm, no text.” She scanned her popups and then sat it down on the table besides the bed.  

♪♪Yeah, I’m running free. Yeah, I’m running free.♪♪
Ethane Crowley

    “Well...” Muttering she picked up her phone again. “Morning, Ethane.”
    “It’s 8’pm.”
    “Evenin’ Ethane, then.”
    Ethane sighed on the other side, “You sound too god-gum chirpy for someone who ran away.”
    Allen shrugged. “What can I say, I’m a naturally chirpy person.”
    “You can’t see it, but I’m rolling my eyes at you.”
    “That’s good to know.” She rolled her own pair in response.
    “Did you at least call them? To let them know you're safe and ok?”
    Her shoulders went rigid, “I left a note. Ethane, can we talk about his later? Give me your address and you can interrogate me in person later.”
    Ethane humped in the background. “Fine get something to write on.”

     Allen put her phone back on the side table after Ethan ended the call. Pulling her covers back further she reached for the wired phone the hotel had provided.  She dialed the front-desk. “Hello, this is Ariana at the front desk. How can I help you?”
    “Could you please connect me to the concierge?”
    “Ugh, yes...that would me, too.”
    “Right, sorry. Could you call a cab for 30 minutes from now.”
    “Yes, Senora. I’ll get right on it. Anything else?”
    “Umm...Does the hotel have a cafe....”
    “We've a sorted number of snacks and frozen meals at your disposal. You should have a menu by the phone. Water, coffee, and tea are complimentary.”
    Allen grabbed the said menu and studied it. “I’ll have the chicken sandwich and a slice of chocolate cake to go with it. You can charge it to the same account number that booked the room. As to the beverages...”
    “You should see a mini-fridge in the little gallery leading to the restroom.”
    Allen spotted the mini-fridge. “Yea, I see it. Thanks alot. And can you delay the cab to 45 minutes.”
    “Yes, Senora. Your food should be arriving within five minutes. Have a nice day”
     “Thank you.”
    Alen slammed the phone down and sat up on the bed. She bounced a little, testing the bed. “Heheh!” Gleefully she scanned the room for her luggage.
    She was picking through her clothes when the door knocked. “Coming.”
    A bellboy in green stood outside with a platter covered with a cotton cover.“This is for you, Senora.”
    “Right, thank you.” Allen took the platter and handed him the tip she’d set aside in advance.
    Closing the door with one hand, she headed towards her bed. She imagined all the different ways she was going to savor her food. What pattern, how long she was going to chew...
    Settling on her bed she rubbed her hands together, “Ok, let’s see...” She pulled the hot-pot cover over to see  something wrapped in a paper in a one inch diameter. And literally one really tiny-and-thin slice of cake. “Seriously? I’d have been better off grugling down a couple of water bottles.” Disappointed, she felt sickened at the hotels atrocity. Her belly growled and shaking her head, Allen ruefully picked up the sandwich and unwrapped it.

    “Is the cab here yet? It’s been nearly an hour!” Frustrated, Allen kicked her bed, and regretted it instantly.
    “We’re dearly sorry. But we can’t do anything. We just call the company and they send the cab. Is there anything else I can do for you, Senora?”
    “No thank you,” Allen said hoarsely as water collected on the rims of her eyes. “Just let me know when the cab gets here.”
    “Will do.”
    Rolling her eyes, Allen slammed the phone down and dropped back onto the bed. “I wish I’d packed a book.” Bored, she picked up her phone again and flipped through it’s contents.

NimbaPio (Allen)
    Are you awake yet?
    Course. Wednesday. Work.
     Just checking. Chiyo-San?
KenTo Peace
    Work, too. Let her know you arrived safe and sound. She’s probably eating her nails getting worried.
    Sent a text when I landed.
    Good. Any problems?
    No. Nothing big. Normal irritations. I can handle them.
    Alright. Let me know if you need anything.
    I still think you shouldn’t have run off.
    Why does everyone keep saying that? I get it. It wasn’t the best idea but I’m not apologizing.
    Well.. When’s your flight to the US?
    In a week. I’ll go to Aunt Mariko.
    Won’t your sister’s have called her?
    Probably. But she’ll let me stay. I can talk her around.
    I sure hope so. Did you met your friend yet?
    No. Waiting for the cab to arrive.
    Ok. Be safe. Don’t do anything stupid. I’ll text later. Boss hovering. Good luck.
    Thanks. See ya.

Allen turned off her phone and dropped it aside.. I’ll just have to hope...

She’s got a lot of things in her mind, and she’s done her best by us all the time.....DON’T hurt her.

    Allen sighed. Ever since she’d left home Torori-One’s threat flashed through her mind every couple minutes. If she didn’t know any better, she’d have thought she was being hunted or Torori-One had a spell done on her. Which was ludicrous, Torori-One hated spell work. She was allergic to cinnamon. A major ingredient in spells.
    But she was hunted. Hunted by her own choices. Had she done the right thing? The longer she stayed at home....the more she had remembered what she had done. What she had caused......She just needed to get away......It wasn’t like running, she told herself, that’s cowardice. I’m just going away so I don’t remind them of...what I did.  Besides, she didn't have it easy either. It would be so much easier to just go back and ignore what she’d done. Ignore the fact that they knew what she’d done. At least this way she was suffering. Paying for her deeds. penance for her sins and all.
    It wouldn’t be fair to enjoy life and her sisters love, and caring efforts when-
Bing. Bing. Bing.
Rubbing her eyes, Allen grabbed the hotel phone.
    “Senora, your cab has arrived.”
    “Alright,..I’ll be down in a few.”
    “I’ll let the cabbie know.”
    Allen ended the call and pocketed her cell phone. She snagged a bottle of water from the mini fridge before heading for the lobby.  

    “Gracias,” the cabbie thanked her  as she got off.
    “No problem.” Allen muttered. “Thanks for the chat. It helped cheer up my mood. Considerably.”
    The man waved his hand, “I enjoyed as well.”
    Allen nodded and stepped aside so the driver could pull out. “Bye.” She waved as the man drove away. As soon as she’d sat down in the cab the man had told her she was too young to be on vacation alone. And because she hadn’t had the nerve to tell him she wasn’t on vacation, she didn’t correct him. So taking pity on her the man had told her all about the places she’d find awesome, and stories about his ninyos. He’d then warned her off of strangers and gave her his card to call him if she needed a ride. In the end, her mood had risen from it’s nearly decomposed state and with effort she had managed to push away her doubts. They were probably somewhere recuperating, they had gotten a pretty hard hit. She wouldn’t have to worry about them for a while.
     She scanned the crowd and saw a figure waving at her from near the stadium door. She walked towards him.
    “You're late. By an hour.”
    “Like you’ve never been late in your life, Captain Ship-shape Mackenzie.”
    Ethane grinned. “My middle name’s on time, actually.” They quickly hugged.
    “Right,” snickering, Allen pulled away and opened the stadium door. “You guys still practicing?”
    “Nope, just finished a while ago. Everyone’s waiting for you.”
    “I’ll have to apologize for making them wait. The Hotel service was horrible. And I’m starving, they had the most teeny-tiniest fish sandwich I’ve seen in my life!”
    “How come I don’t get an apology?”
     Allen smiled sheepishly. “I’m sorry I’m late, happy now?”
    “Very,” He walked besides her. “What do you expect? It’s a two-star hotel, a B-and-B would have been better.”
    “Now you tell me?”
   - Hey guys, I'm so excited!!! Here's a hint...........Are you ready?........Are you definitely sure?..........Ok, so here I go.

(lol) Sorry, getting serious. We're getting really close to the climax!!! (Screams wildly!! And jumps around in a circle.) Soon you'll all understand what was behind all the hints of the past, what Allen did (or she thinks she did) and her panic attacks. Stay tuned for all the fun coming up, and please follow my blog H's Blogging Haven for more updates, blog stories from other authors, and more cool stuff. Again, if you liked this please share, comment, and like.

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