Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1. A beginning, an end, and something right down the middle


Her chin gloved between her hands, and elbows propped up on the rusty picnic table; Allen walker sighed. It was the annual family get together; usually she enjoyed spending time with her family, yet today she just didn't feel the same. There were too many changes. Her oldest sister Katane wouldn't be showing up until later, and her father never would. The monthly picnic tradition had been started by her father; before Allen had been born. It was the one day in the month when being home was mandatory. It had always been a backyard picnic that would last for hours and mostly the whole day. One of the reasons her father had been very particular about the event was, that often it was the only time her sisters would get the time to sit down and eat normally. In the last couple months they had been coming over to the Takahashi family house for the annual picnic. The Takahashi’s were Katane’s in-laws- to-be. Hiyoshi Takahashi, the second son of the family, was Katane’s finance. Their father had commented that the engagement was like a joining of two families. Now almost a year later Allen felt as close to the Takahashi’s as much as her sisters. Grinning, Allen remembered the day she met Hiyo-nee’s family for the first time; they'd hit it off with a boom. Well, . . . with some of them anyway.
    Allen’s face clouded as she thought of him! The youngest Takahashi son, Isamu, seemed to hate Allen at first glance, and was always looking down at her. In the beginning she’d tried to be nice and break the ice. Later on, she realized, the guy was just a jerk and had decided on hating his guts for life.
    “Allen-chan!” Hiyoshi-nee shouted waving a spatula in the air. “Come over here. We’re going to start the barbecue soon!”
    Smiling, Allen pushed away from the bench. Walking a big berth around the water fight going between her adult sisters, Isamu and his little sister, Orihime. “Are you going to be cooking, Hiyo-nee?” She asked, squinting, using  her arm to shade herself from the beaming sun.
    “A barbecue isn't considered cooking,” Hiyo-nee replied making a goofy facial expression.  
    “It is, if you want it to be edible, idiot!” Akira-nee, the first Takahashi son, retorted his face twitching.
    Hiyo-ni made a horrified look. “How can you say that, Akira-nee!” Hiyo-nee exclaimed; gesturing wildly with his spatula.
    “Stop that before you injure someone. Idiot!” Akira-nee shouted, his face turning red from impatience.
     Allen burst into giggles at the spectacle before her. Akira and Hiyo-nee froze, their faces relaxing as they watched Allen.
    “You should laugh more, Allen-chan,” Hiyo-nee said winking at her. “You look cute.”

    Allen turned red, and looked away. She was watching her sisters being plumed by water bombs when she noticed a movement to her right. “Aha!” Clapping her hands together, Allen’s eyes shined like twinkling stars  “Taiga-kun!”

    “Taiga-kun!” Allen grinned when she found Taiga sitting on the front porch of the house. “How come you’re here? Did you lose your phone? I've sent you like a thousand messages. Are you sick? Are you feeling ok?”
    “Slow down,” Taiga muttered as he looked around to make sure no one was around.
    Allen felt a cold shudder run down her body. She watched the distant posture and cold expression on Taiga’s face. “I-Is something W-wrong, Taiga-kun?”
     Taiga looked down at Allen, and smiled maliciously. Patting Allen’s forehead he pushed her eyes down. “No, ... nothing. I just have something to say to you.”
    Allen waited a while. Wondering what could be so horrible to make Taiga act like this.“What? What is it?”
    “Oh nothing,” Taiga whispered as he leaned into Allen, moving his hand to pinch her chin.
    “Taiga-kun, ...your...your hurting me,” Allen protested.
    Taiga chuckled softly, “Good, I want you to remember that. I want you to remember how that feels, how you made him feel. You’ll carry this all around you. Your whole life. You’ll know how worthless you are.” With a push Taiga sent Allen sprawling down onto the grass backwards.
    “Oh, and I’m leaving the country, so don’t try to find me again.” Taiga as he watched Allen’s body sprawled on the ground. “It’s too bad really,....I’d have liked to play around more....”
    “I... I don’t under- understand,” Allen whispered, letting her hair cover her face, hiding behind it  as tears rained down. “Why are you doing this?”
    “Tcth,” Taiga’s jaw muscles clenched. “Because you deserve it. ”
    “Please,...” Allen whispered. “Please don’t....Please don’t.....Please.......

    “Ah!” Isamu growled as a water balloon burst on his back.  Turning around, Ismau glared at his giggling little sister. “I’m going to make you pay for that!” Isamu declared.
    “As if!” Blowing raspberries Orihime ran off. Grumbling Ismau stomped away, and nearly tripped on something. “What the-” Looking down he looked at the purple water hose. A light bulb turned on. Grinning evilly, Isamu picked up the hose, aiming, and pulled back the trigger.
    “What....the HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!!!”
    Isamu gasped as he looked at a water soaked Allen in front of him, “Ah, Allen-san!!! Oh my...I’m so sorry. I’m soo sorry!”
    He cringed as he watched Allen walk over towards him, “.....um,....do you ...want a dry towel?...
    Curious, he watched as Allen grabbed the hose from him and whisper something inaudible. “What?”
    “I said, IDIOT!” Allen
swung the iron end of the hose into Isamu’s forehead and walked off.
“Owww!” Isamu howled as he rubbed his already swelling forehead. “What the hell is WRONG with her!!”

     - Ok, so....I have disillusion that I can write and therefore this post. Anyway, I claim all rights over this fictional product, and no claim over any of the pictures. I just added a couple of pictures I though were some what symmetrical to what was going on in the story. Oh, and the story will continue next week. I'll mostly post once a week. And who ever read this, thank you. <3 - H.T. 


  1. if u r going yo write further i suggest u do. This is really nice.
    If possible do tell me a bit about this Taiga character.

  2. oh wow. so taiga has a problem and aleen is let it kinda affecct her. and i dont think isamu really hates her.