Monday, November 18, 2013

2. Katane-ney and Allen have a chat with lots and lots of tissues!

     Allen Walker Monotome, currently soaking in water; sloshed up the dust infested stairs. The noise of her dripping trousers flipping aggravated Allen her even more. Leaving a trail of puddles behind, she opened the green burgundy colored door. She entered the 16th floor of Monotome and Daughters.

    “Ugh, . . . can I help you?” The front desk attendant asked giving a nervous look at Allen.  

    Clenching her fists, Allene imagined constantly punching Isamu Takahashi in the face. “It’s me Maria,” she grumbled gruffly.

    The attended gasped, standing up, she leaned forward from behind the desk to confirm what she was hearing. “Allen! what happ-”

    Raising a hand, Allen sent water flying all over the table with the gesture, signaling Maria to stop, “You don’t want to know.”
    “Eh?” Mario was confused but she smiled as she straightened her posture. “Well, how can I help you ma'am?”  
    Eyebrows twitching, Allen pointed towards the door on Maria’s left. “I’d like to have a word with my sister.”
    “Ahhh,” Maria hesitated as she looked at Allen. She looked like she was going to say something, but then changed her mind. “Ms. Katane is busy at the moment-”
    “I don’t care how busy she is!” Allen growled.
    Maria nodded, coughing into her hand nervously. “Yes,...Um let me just call her and ask if she ... wouldn’t mind sparing a ...few minutes.”
    Allen nodded, keeping her eyes focused on Maria as she sat down and dialed her sister.
    “Um, sorry to disturb you . . .  yes, I know you're busy,” Maria shot Allen a quick look. “Um,...but I have Ms. Allen here... Ugh, yes. I did tell her...But she’d saying she has to see you right now.” Maria listened quietly to what her employer said, shooting anxious looks at Allen. “Ugh, yes. I’ll send her in immediately.”
    “Well?” Allen asked straining for patience.  
    “She’ll see you now,” Mari said. “Um, Ms. Allen?”
    “What?” Allen asked, straining for patience, and stopping herself from storming into her sisters cabinet.
    Maria hesitated, “Um, would you like some clothes to be brought up, . . .  while you’re inside . . .”
    Sighing, Allen nodded. “Thank you,” she said gratefully.
    “No problem,” Maria said, picking up her phone she watched as Allen entered the adjoining room.

    “Exactly what do I owe the pleasure of this sudden visit?” Katane Monotome asked concentrating on the paper in front of her. Absently crossing out a line, she need to have Maria fix that.
    Steaming, Allen pointed at Katane accusingly, “Your stupid future brother-in-law is what!”
    “What?” surprised Katane looked up from the paper and blinked. Several times. “You do know you’re wet, right?”
    “Yes, I know!” Allen growled kicking one of the nearby apple red leather couch. Instantly regretting it, she grabbed her foot. “Ouch, Ough!” Exhausted, she sat down onto the the fancy carpet. Leaning her forehead against the cofa, “I really hate this! I really, really hate this!” Allen said slowly.
    Katane gave her sister a through look. Sighing, she stood up and walked over to her little sister. Patting her head reassuringly, she crouched.“It’s ok. Everything will be ok. Tell me what’s wrong?”
    Allen looked away, a single tear leaking as she clutched her eyes shut. “ I . . .,” she slowed as her breath caught. “I... I wish dad was here...”
    “Me too,” Katane whispered., taking one of Allen’s hands. “We all do. We have to be strong for him, ok?”
    Allen nodded, and slowly pushed away from the couch and into Katane’s opened arms. “I just miss him soo much,” Allen whispered letting the tears flow. “So, so much.”
    “I know,” Katane said, letting her own grief flow, as she clutched Allen to her. “We’ll get through this.”
    Allen nodded.

    “Come in,” Katane said, picking up the tissues surrounding her with one hand. Her other hand occupied in Allen’s as she slept; slumped against the sofa.

    “Is everything ok?” Maria asked entering cautiously. She clutched two shopping bags in her hands.
    “Yes,” Katane said smiling at Maria. “She needed to let some things out.”
    “I understand,” Maria said shooting a warm look towards Allen.
    “She’ll get through it,” Katane said lightly squeezing her sister's hand.
    “I’m sure she will,” Maria said. She glanced down at her hands. “I’ve brought some dry clothes and a blanket. She’ll catch a cold wearing wet clothes.”
    “Oh, right,” Katane said, suddenly realizing. “Thank you, I’ll have her change in a minute.”
    Maria nodded and set the bags down on the glass table besides the sofa. “Do you need something else, ma’am?”
    “Yes, please call the Takahashi Family House and let them know that Allen is here with me.” Katane said. she shot a worried look at Allen, “And have a hot cocoa with something else sent up. I still have a couple of things to handle before we go home.”
    Maria nodded, “Ok, I’ll get right to it.”
    “Thank you, Maria,” Katane said.
    “No need, ma’am,” Maria replied. “I get paid for the trouble.”


  1. its awesome i like where the story is going.....

  2. Your dialogue is really good. Seems like part of you is imagining this as a comic ;)

  3. Your right. Did you get that from the pictures or the writing? I was actually trying to manifest the same feeling as some Manga/anime.

  4. awwwe they lost their daddy? thats so sadddd.
    the feels yo
    at least her sister cared for her, i was worried shed just been blown of