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11. No, Probably. But, Definitely.


Not, probably. Isamu corrected himself as he scanned the cluttered condition of his bedroom. Infact, it was so bad, that cluttered was a misunderstanding. He would have to go to jail if he killed his brother. It was a pity.
    “Oni-san!” Isamu called out, carefully stepping over underwears and what-not. “Oni-san! What are you doing!”
    “U-ru-sa-i!” Somebody groaned from underneath the beddings.
    “Oni-san!” Isamu pestered. “What’s with the mess? I go to the restroom for one minute-”
    “Gotcha-Gotcha!” Hayato shouted; sitting up on the bed. “Why are you bothering me! I’ve been through so much and~” 
(Gotcha-Gotcha is a onomatopoeia basically saying you're talking to0 loud. Emphasize on shut up.)
    “Uso,” Isamu said simply. “And I’m over here.” (Uso - lie.)
    Turning in a complete 360, Hayato continued to tell his sorrowful saga.
    Isamu sighed. “Oni-san, you still have the blanket over you. If your going to whine at least take it off, it’s unnerving.”
    “Dame! Why do you have to pester me so much!” Hayato shouted, but at least, let the blanket fall to uncover his face.  (Dame - word of frustration; no good)
    “What are you, a five year old?” Isamu demanded. He waved his hand around to indicate the messy room. “And what’s this? Did you cause a mini tornado or something?”
    Hayato teared up, “As I was’s such a sad story.” He patted the bed near him, causing the blanket, still wrapped around his shoulders, to fall behind him. “Sit down, sweetie and I’ll explain!”
    “Oh, for god’s sake!” Isamu groaned. “This has something to do with one of your roles, doesn’t it? And why the hell am I a girl!”
    Hayto fluttered his eyelashes in slow motion, “It’s ok, I’ll protect you.”

    Isamu grounded his palm against his face. A masculine voice now? “Oni-san-”
    “These demons won’t....blah, blah, blah.”
     Quite engaged in his dialogue, Hayto didn’t see Isamu pick up a miniature basketball.
    “And then- Wham! The basketball hit Hayato right on the forehead.
    “Shut-up!” Isamu growled expressing each syllable.

    “Gomeni...” Isamu muttered as he applied a light bandage on Hayato’s forehead. “But you're annoying.”
    “It was ACTING!
     “Exactly,” Isamu carefully applied pressure to the edges of the bandage. “Now, can you please explain to me what happened to my bedroom.”
    “Your such a housewife,” Haayto muttered under his breath.
    “Nothing,” Hayato smiled up at Isamu.
    “Anytime now,” the younger boy promoted.
    “Right....well, first I stubbed my toes, and in a painful rage slapped the lamp and the curtains off. Then I slammed my elbow there, and my knee there...”
    Turning pale, Isamu patted Hayato's shoulder. “I think I get it. No need to continue.”

    Nodding, the boy wondered if he should clean up. He didn’t know how long Hayato oni-san was here to stay, hopefully not for long, because within a few days he’d have to go buy new furniture. It’s going to end up like this no matter how many times I clean. How many times in a day!
    Coming to a decision, Isamu stood up.
    “Where are you going?” Hayato asked, noticing Isamu’s track suit.
    “Out for a run,” Isamu muttered. “I can’t start my day without it, you know that. Wanna come along? Although, it’s going to be a short one. I’ve got some stuff to do.”
    Hayato grinned, “You never really got out of that habit, did you?”
    Isamu shook his head, “Nope.”
    “Dad’s probably pleased. Three out of four isn’t a bad count. Luckily, I’m not so easy to manipulate.”
    “Oh, really? Let me see.... I think I remember Hiromi-san mention something about having to provide a treadmill at every hotel stop.....I could be wrong, she might have been talking about herself.”
    Hayato blushed.
    Isamu grinned, “Better get ready fast, or I’m leaving you behind.”
    “Why you-”
    “And wear a hat or something, I don’t want to be swamped by your fans.” Isamu waved as he closed the door behind him.

“I’m really going to kill him,” Isamu muttered glaring at the number on his watch. “12 minutes to get ready? Pompous spoiled stars!”
     “If your going to kill someone, do it somewhere else,
    That voice...
    It’ll lower your chances of being caught.”
    Isamu’s lips curled in a snarl, “Thank you, very much.”
    Allen shrugged, “It’s common sense. It’s too bad you don’t have any.”
    What’s her issue? Hands clenched, he was debating on a satisfying answer when...

It’s an impossible dream, and not practical...but it’s a dream.

    “ ‘morning.”
    Allen frowned, “I think that was almost pleasant. Are you feeling ok?”
    “Just fine,” He grumbled heat raising in his neck.
     “~I Am Ready~!” In a overly dramatic move, Hayato jumped off the last few steps, and did a black flip. “Let’s go my dear, and most beloved younger brother.”
    Allen grinned. “Hayato Oni-san! Ohayo Gozaimasu!”
    “Ohiya, Allen-chan!” Equally pleased, both of them shook hands and radiated clear happiness.
    And what am I? Chopped liver. That was more of an answer then a question. Ignoring his brother, he checked his watch again, “Oni-san....we’d better get going.”
    “Are you guys going somewhere?”
    Hayato nodded, “Yup, off to a run. Sort of like a family thing... Why don’t you come with us?”
    “I don’t think she’s dress-” Isamu broke off as he noticed the green track suit Allen was in. “Oh.”
    “Family tradition?” The thought made Allen chuckle. “Then Isamu-kun must be the odd one out. I run every morning but I’ve never seen him up so early.”
    Isamu frowned. “I always go for a run at precisely seven am.”
    Now it was time for Allen to frown. “I leave around seven fifteen..... east, all the way to the Kagimoto prefecture. Back by 8:30. I think I’d have seen you...”
    “West, roundabouts. Back by nine.”
   Allen and Isamu looked at each other, speechless.
    “Wow,” Hayato whistled, “That’s some time you too have. I have to admit, if that’s how long you're planning to run today, little brother, you're gonna have to carry me back home.”
    Isamu absently nodded. There wasn’t one inch of modesty in Hayato's bones, but neither was bragging. Isamu knew full well that his brother could more than pace with him without putting his mind on it. But that wasn’t much of a surprise.
    Before he knew it, Isamu opened his mouth and the words were already forming.
    “You want to come along? It’s alway nice to change your track route once in a while.”
    “I could say the same to you,” Allen shot back. So they had something in common, pish-posh, that didn’t mean she was going to start lapping up to the guy like he was Mike Everdeen.
    “Or,” Hayato stepped in before sparks started flying. As a witness to many of their arguments, he knew what was coming. And it wasn’t pleasant. “Why not let me decide?


“Next time...I’ll write my will before I go jogging with the two of you,” Allen announce as they walked down an empty street.
    “You're exaggerating,” Hayato muttered. Isamu ignored her. The three of them had been attacked by crazy fan-girls all throughout the morning.
    “It’s all your fault,” Ismau accused looking at his brother. “Why did you have to take all the main streets!”
    “I didn’t know! I don’t live here!”
    Isamu and Allen glared at him. “Ok, well maybe I did.” Hayato accepted.
    “What were you thinking!”
    “I wanted to see the world from a normal point of view.”
    Allen snorted, “Yes, and dropped your hat in the middle of the road. Attention hogger!”
    “The wind blew it away!”
    “There was no wind,” Isamu pointed out.
    Hayato huffed and stalked ahead. Allen went after him.
    I might be wrong, it me or does everything go to hell when that girl’s around?

    “The group inside, guys talk about computers?” Ismau asked awkwardly.
    Allen laughed. “In a way. We talk about everything from tech equipment to software designs. But not just computers, video games, cameras and etc.”
    “Do you want to be an electronic engineer?” Isamu asked.
    Allen shrugged, “I don’t know what’s the technical term for it,..but I guess so.”
    Isamu tensed. There she goes again. What’s with her-
    “Actually,” Allen continued, making Isamu raise his head. “I want to revolutionize the way videos are made.”
    Movie director? Isamu thought confused.
    “Not just for entertainment, but for education, in the medical field, for field engineers.” Awe and love gushed from Allen’s face and voice. But her face hardened a bit, “I don’t know how I’m going to do it. Or if it’s even possible. But....It’s a dream. It’s an impossible dream, and not practical...but it’s a dream.”

    Isamu watched as Allen chatted with his brother. Maybe you’re not exactly as I expected.

    Allen waved, “It interesting experience.” She told Hayato as she climbed the stairs. And one I’m not willing to repeat again.
    “So tired,” Allen yawned as she entered her room. “Let’s get to it.” With reluctance, she started to stretch her body. This was the most hated part of exercising by Allen. During a sport or exercising, you were in the heat of it and you aren’t too bothered about over-straining your muscles, but then later was pure torture.
    “Let’s get this done,” She repeated again. “Remember, that idiots going through the same thing as well. If he can do it then so can you!”

After a few minutes
    “That felt soo good,” Allen sighed as she pulled off her jacket. “Let’s see...” Going to her closet, she rummaged thru to find something suitable to wear. I’ll change into a dress or something before dinner but...this shirt, and a trouser ought to work. Throwing her selections on the bed, she headed for the shower.

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  1. Lala I still ship it
    Isamu is actually kinda of a sweetheart

  2. Girl, you hit it right in the center. But is it too obvious? The fact he's sweet? It's supposed to be obvious, in not so obvious way. Like, that's just how he is.