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12. Suzuki One-San's Bedroom

    “Ah!” Exhaling happily Allen tightened her towel against herself. Lazyily she shot a look at the neon watch on her desk. “Eight fifty-six. Well, a bit long, but I did enjoy myself.” She walked over to her bed and quickly changed into her clothes. In the process of donning on a light sweater she pulled on her in-doors slippers and slid outside.
    “Morning,” Allen greeted Orihime as they descended the stairs together. “Did you have breakfast yet?”
    “No,” the young girl muttered. “Just woke up.....I hate mornings.”

    Allen raised her eyebrow at the statement, but didn’t say anything. “I heard your brothers are early risers.....” She pointed out conversationally.
    “They. Are. Disgusting!” Orihime spat venomously, emphasizing on each single word. She stomped into the kitchen.
    “Someone’s in a bad mood!” Allen muttered cautiously. She wondered what had caused the usually chirpy girl into a demon magpie.

  “Morning,” Allen repeated as she entered the kitchen. “Hanaka One-san I’m hungry!”
    Hanaka waved her hand as she flipped something on the stove. “Shut-up and sit down. You don’t get to demand anything when you can’t bother to get up early enough to help.”
    “Right....” Allen coughed nervously into her hands. In the Montome house everyone had to lend a hand with household tasks; the only exceptions were guests. It was the rule of thumb; a must if you wanted to enjoy a good life. Usually, the punishment consisted of odd tasks that no one wanted. Such as throwing out the garbage at night, cleaning the restrooms on the ground floor and etc. She looked at Torori One-san who stood along side Hanaka. “What’s my punishment?”
    The second rule was- no arguing. Which, considering her sisters, was just plain common sense. “Suzuki’s bedroom.”
    Allen groaned and went to sit besides Orihime. There goes my good mood out the door. “Pass the water,” she asked Orihime. Who slammed the jug in front of her, not loud enough for Hanak One-san to hear, though. “What did you do?”
    Orihime winced, “I forgot to clean my bathroom....and she caught me playing video games until five this morning.”
    Allen whistled, “Oh, you've got it bad.” Apparently, hearing someones else misery was enough to make her feel better. She felt bad for the poor kid... but she had it coming. She hadn't cleaned her restroom last week either. She leaned into the table so she could see Ismau. He was sitting on the other side of Orihime. The little table was a bit crowded had been crowded even when her father had been alive. It was sort of...homey. “You’re in the dog house too?”
    “The dog house?”
    “It’s an english expression,” Allen said impatiently. “What’s your punishment?”
    Isamu sighed, he didn’t seem to be any pleased then Orihime. “I have to scrub down the kitchen after breakfast and clean the dining room.”
    “That’s not that bad,” Allen muttered. She’d take that over Suzuki One-san’s room anyday.  
    “Apparently, he doesn’t have to do anything,” Isamu grumbled, and both of them glared at Hayato across the room. It was his fault they were late!

 “Nothing! Nada!” Orihime grumbled. “He’s a guest!
    “What’s that I here?” Hanaka asked. She walked around the counter while balancing a big platter in her hands.
    “Nothing,” the three of them chorused. Hayato smirked.
    “Well, my kitties,” Hanak continued, fighting hard not to smile. “You’d better eat up, we have a long day of cleaning ahead of us.”
    “When’s Suzuki One-san going to come home?” Allen asked. Isamu straighten his posture at Allen's older sister’s name. “She’s going to go pick up Katane-one and Hiyo-ni, right?”
    Torori shook her head, and settled down into a chair left of Hanaka One-san. “No, she called a while ago. She has an urgent meeting to attend.” She indicated to Hanak to pass the salt.
    Allen tensed, “Will she be able to make it?”
    Hanaka watched Torori with the same worry. “Will she?”
    Torori nodded. “It should finish around three in the evening. She promises that she’ll be home around 3:30, maybe 3:40, but no later.”
    Her sisters relaxed.
    “Did she get in at all last night?” Hanaka asked Torori.
    “No. She said she caught a few hours in her office.”
    Hanaka frowned. “That idiot,” she muttered softly.

    “Be sure to hurry,” Hanaka reminded Allen as she dropped random cleaning utensils in a bucket. “We’re going to need help with the ground floor later. After everyone’s finished cleaning up their own rooms, that is.”
    “Hai,” Allen grumbled and headed out of the kitchen.
    Suzuki Montome was the 4th child of Ichiri Monotome, in order of adoption as well as age. A business major at Tokyo university, second year next semester, she had forsaken taking any classes during the summer to cover for Katane One-san at the family office while she was on her Honeymoon. That was one of the reasons the wedding had been moved and why there was a honeymoon for the newlyweds. If Katane-One would have been allowed, she’d have taken work with her. Thankfully, Hiyo-ni and her sisters had done all the packing. Allen chuckled at the thought. She wouldn’t be surprised if Katane-One had managed to sneak a few calls to her secretary.
    What ever merry thoughts had been going through Allen’s head, they disappeared as she opened Suzuki-One’s bedroom. She cursed violently; and realized that more than a few of these words would have gotten her killed if one of her older sisters had heard. It’s not like it’s my fault, Allen argued with herself. Anyone who saw this....monstrosity...would have had the same reaction.  
    “Where exactly am I supposed to start?” Allen asked out loud. Just exclaiming in her mind hadn’t been enough. She waited for a reply as she scanned the upturned room. As expected - no one replied.
    Allen sighed. “Oh, well.” She pulled up her sleeve, preparing to tackle the monster.
    Taking the whole burden of Katane-One’s work, and still being too inexperienced Suzuki-One had a lot to do. When Katane-One, unofficially, joined Ichiro at work, she’d taken up the more neglected part of the business. While, money and business were all fine and good, Ichiro had preferred to let others take care of the details. He hadn’t been careless, but he’d preferred doing the thinking and the planning. He’s been a public figure, and the creative mind of the company. Katane-One had been the brains. They had been a good team. Until her father had died....
    After that Katane had been bombarded by work,....and that’s when Hanka, Torori, Allen, and sSuzuki had made a decision. Due to the circumstances Katane could be excused from helping around the house and cleaning her own room. Which, Allen though, had been hundred time more better than Suzuki-One’s bedroom. And she isn’t even here half the time!  
Nevertheless, since Suzuki-One was filling in for Katane, it seemed proper to at least clean her room.

    “Let’s get to it,” She muttered and picked up the first banana peel.

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  1. Oh my that sounds like a messy room
    How come hayatos a guest?

  2. He doesn't live there, he's got his own home and all.