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4. A Tattoo-ish wedding! Plus Extra Excerpt!

1 Year Later
(Sorry in advance. They're will be some words in
 Japanese you guys might not understand, but please bear with me. 
The translation for the words are at the bottom!)

    “Congratulations,” Allen said as Orihime moved away from Katane. “Many wishes to you and Hiyo-ni.”
    “Thank you,” Katane said embracing Allen.
    Pulling back, Allen grinned. “You look awesome!” Katane looked completely mind blowing with her paris green under kimono, her scarlet embroidery obai, and purple dragonfly art on shades of blue. Her hair was clamped in traditional ornaments and pulled back in a flowing bun. “And happy.”
    “She’d better be,” Hiyoshi said turning away from an acquaintance. “How come no one’s offering me any compliments?”
    “Do you really need me to tell you?” Allen teased as she accepted the offered hug. “Congratulations, Hiyo-ni.”
    “Now you’re officially my sister, brat?” Hiyoshi said as he flicked a finger on Allen’s forehead.
    “Hey, what about me?” Hanaka pouted, arriving with a tray of refreshments.
    “Finally!” Allen jumped towards the tray, hirsty from all the talking and socializing with relative, she grabbed down the glass’s content.
    “Congratulations,” Hanaka gave a quick hug to the couple and passed the tray off to someone nearby before people started attacking her.
    “How can we forget you,” Hiyoshi said, grinning. “You're the light of the party.”

    “Hmm,” Hanaka tapped her chin thoughtfully. Aimlessly striking a pose with her hand on her hips. “I have a feeling you’re only mooching for the cola?”
    “No, but I would appreciate something cold. I’m parched,” Hiyoshi pointed towards his mouth for emphasis.
    “I don’t be-”
    “Leave the poor man alone, Uni,” Suzuki said as she exchanged her own hugs and congratulations.
    “Hump,” Hanak sniffed, but then relented and handed her newly made brother-in-law a glass. “Listen here, brother. You’d better keep our uni happy or~”
    “Hai, Hai,” Hiyoshi donned the cold drink completely ignoring Hanaka’s menacing look. “Ah!! That felt good.”

   Allen and Orihime giggled, but managed to look away before Hanak could glare at them.
    “Oi! What with all this nose?” Torori mumbled as she arrived in a green Yukata with white chrysanthemums.
    “Ah! Bakemono!” Hanaka exclaimed with her hands suspended in the air. “Obake! Yajuu! Kaibutsu!”

    “Eh?” Torori gasped at Hanaka’s display of outrage. “I think you're high on cola.”
    “Is that even possible?” Orihime asked Allen. She shrugged.  
    “Both of you, calm down!” Suzuki snapped. “You're making a scene!”
    “Excuse you?” Torori muttered narrowing her eyes.
    “Making a scene?” Hanak grumbled turning red. “Why you-”
    “ that a tattoo on your arm?” Katane asked quietly. “Did I say you could have a tattoo?”
    “Tattoo?” Hanaka croaked.

    Hmm, what the... Allen eyes landed on a blue butterfly just above Hanaka’s armpit. It was all clear with her sleeves all jumbled up to her shoulder and her hands raised. “Sugoi!”
    “NOT sugoi!” Katane lashed out. “No-”
    “Alright!” Hiyo-ni cheered. “Let’s talk about this another time. Here come the Secretary of Doom. Smile.”
    “He cut off the Masemote fundings because he thought they were too nice,” Katane muttered as she patted her hair down.
    “Hmm, heard about that,’ Hiyo-ni replied as he moved to shake hands with a bald man in an over flashy red dress.


“Um, nice dress,..Suzuki-san,” Isamu stammered turning red.

    Suzuki smiled, “Thank you. don’t be so formal, we’re family.”
    “Sorry I have to go look at something.”
    “Right....” Isamu sighed and leaned back against the picnic table behind him. He frowned at the pukeish look on Allen’s face.

    “What are you doing!” Isamu barked, turning around. “If you're sick then go be sick somewhere else!”
    Allen looked at Isamu, “What are talking about. That wasn’t me.”
    Isamu eyes jerked. “Do you think I’m an idiot?” He asked in a low voice.
    “Yes,” Allen affirmed. She was walking away when she froze in the middle and turned around. “I forgot I’m supposed to be waiting here.”  
    “Now who’s the idiot?” Isamu smirked.
    Allen turned scarlet, “At least I’m not slobbering over someone like a complete idiot!”
    Allen gleamed now, “I mean it’s so obvious. The way you're always looking at Suzuki-nay. And complimenting her on her dress? Can you at least try to come up with something original?”

    Isamu fluttered, “I..I...I ..I admire her, that’s all!”
    “Yes, tell that to the committee.”
    Hugh? “What committe?”
    “The committee of liars,” Allen gloated. “I’m pretty sure that there’s something out there like that.”
    Isamu crossed his eyes before turning pink. “But...she did look pretty in that dress.”
    “Oh,” Allen blinked. Did I go to far? “Um,...”
    “Alright, everybody! Places!”  Someone announced.
    Allen ran over to her spot next to Suzuki. The were all lined up according to their ranks and family.

The Hiyoshi

The Monotome
    Allen walker

    “Welcome to the family!” they cheered as Hiyoshi and Katane exited into the courtyard.

Extra Excerpt - Torori and her deflaming ponytail!

    “Ne, ne,” Orihime swung her legs under the chair as she pounded the table to get Hanaka’s attention. “Hanaka nay-san!”

    “Hmm, what is it Orihime-chan?” Hanaka asked as she looked up from a magazine. “Are you hungry?”
    “Umm, no,” She pondered how to voice her question. “....Can you tell me why you called Torori-Nay bakemono at the wedding?”
    “At the wedding?” Hanaka asked confused.
    “Hmm, to Toro-Chan,” She reflected. “Ah!” beaming she got up and grinned to ear-to-ear. “I remember!”
    “Did you see the Yukata she was wearing?”
    Orihime nodded.
    Hanaka’s eyes sparkled, “It’s a celestial among celestials of yukatas. Made from the softest of softest cotton, washed with the shine of the sun, and the coolness of the moon...”
    Orihime tuned out her ears.  
      “Blah, blah blah,blah,blah,..and then she show’s up with a horrendous ponytail! I mean it was pure fashion crime-”   
    “Wait, Uni!” Orihime interjected. “You... you called Toro-nay a bakemono because she was wearing a ponytail....”

    “Of course!” Hanak stated in exasperation. “I’m telling you I almost....Blah, blah, blah, blah....

Hai - yes 
Bakemono - Monster.
Obake! Yajuu! Kaibutsu! - Different ways of saying monster. Like goblins and etc.
Sugoi! - Cool/Awesome
Ne, ne - a form of getting someone's attention

- Gomeni mina-san! (Sorry everyone) I know you guys are a bit perplexed over the 1 year jump, but I promise to explain in more detail in the next article. Also, this week is my last chance to turn in my assignments so please wish me good luck. Please comment so I know what you guys think of this. Rate it, share it. Do you guys find the pictures distracting or is it helpful in understanding the context? - HT



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