Monday, December 30, 2013

8. Cafe Stop


 “I don’t think staring at it is going to make the rain go away,” Isamu pointed out. Ever since they had taken shelter in the Cafe Allen had been staring outside, from the window, as if willing the rain go away.
    “Shut up.”
    Isamu shrugged his shoulders and leaned against the window's frame. He quickly glanced at the bar to make sure Orihime was ok. Apparently the Cafe owner's daughter went to the same middle school as Orihime and in a few minutes the girls were talking a mile a minute.
    “Here’s your coffee, and your black tea,” Sakurada-san, the owner of the cafe, announced bearing a tray with pastries and the drinks.
    “Thank you,” Ismau muttered as he accepted the try. “Um, did Orihime-chan decide what she wanted?”
    Sakurada-san nodded. “Yes, she says she’ll have some hot coco.. I’m sorry we couldn’t find you any place to sit...”
    Isamu smiled, “No, it's ok.” He nodded over at the girls. “It seems they’re getting along well.”
    Sakurada-san nodded, “Yes. Sorry, you’ll have to excuse me now. We’re a bit short handed right now.”


 Isamu watched the patrons of the room as the older women walked away. There didn’t seem to be any place where someone wasn’t sitting or standing. “Seems like the rain drew everyone in.”
    Allen nodded. Isamu lowered the tray onto the wide window sill. Suddenly noticing the tray Allen’s eyes narrowed. “Did you order this?” she asked.
    “Um, hm,” he confirmed as he bit into one of the pastries. “Oh, this is good.”
    Allen rolled her eyes, “Now I’m sure the owner can relax. To make you happy, is the goal of all humankind, right?”
    Isamu raised his right eyebrow, “Um, sorry. Did I offend you somehow?” It’s not like I like being here as well. Lobster-fish! (He’s trying to insult her here but can’t seem to find anything evil enough)
    “No,” Allen grounded out. “It’s this rain. I’ve never seen it rain so hard in July. It’s like a moving sand pit.”
    “I was wondering about that,” Isamu commented. “I don’t think I’d like being stuck in this storm every other month.” He rotated his shoulder in the hopes of relaxing his nerves.
    They stood in silence. Drinking they’re drinks. Suddenly realizing something, Allen perked up. “How come you ordered Coffe for me?”
    Isamu looked up. “Hugh? Oh, I didn’t really know what you wanted so I just guessed that you’d like coffee.”
    What the.... “You know you could have asked me?”

   “Right....” As if! You were steaming with anger when we came in! I wasn’t going to ask when I knew you could just as likely bite my hand off! “I’ll remember that next time.”
   “Oi! Who do you think you are? There’s not going to be a next time!” Allen jabbed Isamu on the shoulder. “This is a once in a lifetime chance. Don’t become so relaxed all of a sudden. The next time I’ll hang out with you is probably going to be in your dreams!”
    Isamu smirked. “I definitely wasn’t getting any ideas, but then that just shows what you were thinking!”
    “Grrr, you!”

    “You don’t need to be so shy,” Isamu shooed her with his hands. “I know I’m irresist- Oof!”
    “As if!” Allen exclaimed as she retracted her hand from Isamu’s abdomen. Eyes flashing, Allen picked up her coffee again. “This really is good, hmm.”
    “Why...” Seething, Iamu rubbed his belly. “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!”

    “Oh!” Surprised Allen jumped, spilling coffee all over herself. “Baka! Look what you did!”


  “Um, are you two.........going to be ok now?” Sakurda-san asked apprehensively. Isamu and Allen looked at each other from across the table and grounded their teeths.
    “Perfectly fine,” Isamu finally gritted out.
    “One-chan? Oni-chan?” Orihime asked as she walked over to them. “Um,..are you guys ok?
    “Perfectly, fine,” Allen taunted as she kicked Isamu under the table and met the wooden legs. “owwww~”
    Isamu laughed. “Your a baka!”
    “You-” Ismau was cut off as Sakurada-san bonked him and Allen on the head. Apparently she’s ran out of patience.
    “Now sit quietly!”
    “HAI!” Isamu and Allen chorused as Sakurada-san huffed away.
    Ismau eyed Allen, “This is all your fault.”
    Allen plugged her fingers into her ears. “I’m not listening to you.”
    “You guy are such babies,” Orihime said exasperatedly.

    “So,...what does Hanaka-san say?” Isamu asked as Allen closed her phone.
    “All highways have been closed and only some trains are working.” Allen seated her head between her folded arms on the table. “We’ll just have to wait it out.”
    Isamu sighed. “This sucks.” Leaning back into the bench he carefully tucked Orihime’s head into his shoulder. She’d dozed off some time ago after Sakura had been dragged away by her mother. “Who’d have thought today would end this way? It was quite sunny in the morning.”
    Allen trust her phone open and then closed it. Then repeated the action again. “Yea, I checked the weather forecast this morning as well. It mentioned a light sprinkle but nothing about a raging storm.”
    Isamu chuckled.
    Allen watched the Isamu and wondered how to voice her question. “Ano, come you two move to Tokyo?”
    Isamu looked at her in surprise. “Hugh?”
    “I mean you’ve lived your whole life in Zabinwa... ..” Allen stopped awkwardly.


 Isamu looked at his sister and then at Allen. “Well, to tell the truth. I don’t know,” he said sheepishly. “Circumstances? Akira-oni and One-Chan are returning to England because his company called him back, and Mum’s going on a world tour with some of her childhood friends... that leaves Hiyo-ni. And I guess he thought it was better to have us live with him and Katan-One then to have to check up on us every week at Zabinwa.”
    I guess he doesn’t have it as easy as it looks.  “It must be hard, to suddenly have to move like this.”
    “Um, yea.” Why’s she being nice all of a sudden? “But,..not really. We’ve moved a lot anyway. Depending on where mum’s current project was. Officially, we were living in Zabinwa, but those stays usually lasted a week, sometimes two weeks, and if we were luck a month. Last year was probably the most calmest year I can remember in all my life. With Hiyo-ni taking over mum’s responsibility as Chairmen and all...”

    Allen looked away. They sat quietly watching other customers get up to go check to see if the rain had calmed or to make a run for the train station.

 - Ok, I have a feeling I need to move on with the story. Too much lagging. I can promise a change of scenery in the next post. :) Thank you to my silent viewers for reading this, and @Benita monteiro for letting me know that a reader exists. H.T

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