Monday, December 23, 2013

7. Out Shopping. :)

Isamm (Hands entwined with) Orihime (Hand entwined with) Allen Walker

    What the... What the hades is with this situation!! This feels like...
   Stop! Let’s just not think about it....
    Allen glanced down at Orihime, “Orihime-chan....where do you want to begin?”
    “Oh, oh!! let’s try the Durples Place down there. I heard that they have the most amazing  sandals!!”
    Isamu sighed, “Hai, Hai. Calm down a little will ya?”
    “I can’t.” And as if the demonstrate the little girl did a little jig on her tippy toes.
    Laughing, Allen pulled Orihime back. “That was very nice, but let’s at least try not to scare ani-san?”

    “Ok.” Giggling the little girl settled down. “Ano,...Allen-nay..”
    Orihime considered her words as they walked down the street. “I wanted to say thank you for coming.”
    “Oh,.. Um, it’s nothing,” Allen mumbled trying to avoid looking at the sincere look on the kid’s face. “I’m glad to be here.”

  Uso! I’m pathetic. I was forced to come!!
“Allen,” Hanka poked her head into Allen’s bedroom.
   Startled Allen tipped back her chair to far and fell to the floor. “Itai! Ta-ta-ta-ta-”
    “Oh, are you ok?”

    “Don’t act so concerned! It’s your fault!”
    “Oh, really?”
   “Go die!”
    “Isamu-kun and Orihime-chan are going shopping. You should go with them.”
    Hanak’s smile brightened. “Are you saying your not going?”
    “Fine, fine I’ll go,” Allen sobbed, shielding her eyes. Hanak was glittering so much it was painful.
I was forced to come by Hanak-nay!

    “Allen-nay?” Concerned, Orihime tugged at Allen’s hand. “ ok?”
    “Oh,” Startled, Allen shook off her brooding thoughts. “Ugh, what?”
    “.....nothing,” Orihime replied vigilantly. Don’t just ask “What?” when you were giving off such a depressing aura!! I thought you might be thinking about committing suicide!!       

    Ismau wondered whether it really mattered if one’s shoes one shade of green or another.

    “Oni-san! Which one looks better?” Orihime asked, holding up two identical vaguely green shoes. “The paris green or the spring green?”
    Why does it matter!!They look exactly the same! But he couldn’t possibly say that. he wasn’t suicidal. “Um,....ah.” he pointed at one randomly. “That one.”
     “Really...” Orihime said doubtfully. She turned the two shoes this way that squinting in concentration.
    ....If your going to be so doubtful then don’t ask me!!
    Orihime dangled the shoes in front of him. “Why this one?”
    “Well,...because it’s an highly unusual color?”
    Silence. “That’s a compliment, right?”
    “Yes...” Isamu said hesitantly. “You would definitely look cute in them.”
    “Ahh!!” Orihime’s face bloomed into full blown smile. “Thank you, Oni-chan!!” *
    Isamu smiled at his little sister. “Well done, Oni-chan,” Allen complemented as she passed him.
    What was that?Isamu watched the girls walk towards the cashier. At least we can finally get out of here.
    “I’m going to get a cab.”
    “What? Why?” Allen asked surprised, and Orihime following within minutes.
    “Um, it’s going to get dark soon. A car would be faster-”
    Allen snickered, “Yo, this is tokyo, not Zabinwa. It’ll take forever to get home in a car.”
    Orihime giggled. “Alright, we’ll we should still get going.”
    Allen looked at her watch, “We still have an hour, where do you want to go next Orihime-chan?”
    Great another hour of this hell. Isamu looked at Allen and wondered is hisborhter would forgive him for killing one of his sister-in-laws. He sighed. Damn. Well, just few more days.....

    “...this is tokyo, not Zabinwa.” He felt stupid as he recalled her words. It had been almost a year since he’d been back to Tokyo. The last time had been during one of the picnics...Is it really going to be ok living here? We’ve never spent more than a few weeks away from home. Now with mother moving to Europe with Akira-oni and Hiyoshi-oni moving in with Katane one-san.  
    “Oni-chan!” Orihime ran back to him holding the many of her shopping bags. “Can you carry these? Please?”
    “Ugh, hai...”

    Oh, this felts so good. Allen raised her hand to hide her smile as she looked at a mule-loaded Isamu. The poor guy had his hands filled with numerous shopping bags. Allen looked up to find him staring at her with death in his eyes.
    “Allen one-san, you should have given your bags to Ismau oni-san as well,” Orihime said. “I don’t think he’d have minded.”
    “It’s alright,” Allen muttered as she avoided looking at Isamu. he’d have definitely minded. “Does oni-san do this often?”
    Orihime nodded, as she scanned the crowd in the street. “Mama says that it’s gentlemanly for boys to carry the bags. She threatened all Oni-san to turn them bold if they didn’t.”

    Orihime giggled, “Sorry, Oni-chan.”
    “What are you going to try on first?” Allen asked trying to defuse the flames.
    Orihime gave it some thought, “Umm, I think my school uniform. It’s really cute.”
    Allen smiled, “That’s nice.”
    “Allen one-chan, what does your uniform look like?”
    “My uniform?”
    “Well, how to say this... We don’t have uniforms,” Allen replied.
    “Wow, really?”
    “Yes,” Allen replied. “It can get really annoying sometimes, though.”
    “What? Why?”
    “Umm, well sometimes you can’t decide what to wear, or you don’t have anything to wear...”
    “Hmm, I still think it’s better.”
    Allen smiled. Come to think of it,...if I go to school here then I’m going to have to- -

    No, that’s not going to happen.

 To all the readers out there who were disappointed to not see a new post this morning, gomenai sai!! (I'm really sorry. And you guys are like fairy tale species to me. I don't even know if you exist.) Anyway, since it's winter breaks and everyone seems to be at home all the time, it's been kind of disturbing and really crazy at home. We have ten different things going on at the same time. (And no, not like the Weasley House where things are bring done magically.) I hope you guys enjoyed this. - H.T

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  1. awweee the beginning is so cuteee
    cause i know they actually dont hate each other
    what is up with hanaka.....
    btw i love orihimes mom, that is just amazing